Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The real reason the left love using the phrase "teabagger" to tea party folks

Admit it or not, but I know why the left is obsessed with the phrase "teabagger". It's slowly morphing into the "n-word" for white people. Lefties view it as insulting to white people. The lefties (yes, including white-guilt stricken white lefties) have tried for decades to find an equivalent word for white people that is as bad as the dreaded "n-word". Honkey, redneck, cracker, neocon, republican, bush lover, hick, etc, have all failed. Why? Well, most conservatives are too busy with family, working hard, being happy, etc, to let a stupid word offend us.

But some tea party folks are bothered by it. Why I don't know. Maybe annoyed because the left enjoys saying it so much, who knows. But the left is obsessed with it because they think "FINALLY" they have a word that they can throw that stings as much as the "n-word".

I just can't get enough of watching stunned libs faces after each small triumph the tea party has, slowly but surely, in our right-swinging political atmosphere. Most recently with Nikki Haley in SC.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering where the NAACP and the left is crying racism that a black "little guy" from SC is being intimidated by the political powers to give up his miracle win in senate primary. If he had an "R" instead of a "D" next to his name, the cries of racism would echoe past Iraq and India.


  1. You maybe correct in their objective but all I see is the Tea Party laughing it off if addressing it at all and the left stop using it for the same reasons you gave for the other terms.

    Reality is what it is as is evident in recent polling and no matter what the left does they cannot change reality. Even if they were to somehow, right now, reverse course it will not save them in 118 days.

  2. Interesting observations. I don't think most "tea baggers" are offended. But your theory is thought-provoking. I signed up to follow you. Stop by my place if you're hungry for pie.

  3. I didn't know this, but apparently, "Bagger" is a rude homosexual term and I know my lefty troll at my place uses it all the time and has been called on it for that reason by other commenters..he persists and gets a big kick out of it.