Saturday, July 17, 2010

The NAACP attacks the Tea Party as being Racist!

Sarah Palin has attacked the civil-rights organization who has branded the American tea party movement as racist, a day after Michelle Obama delivered the keynote speech at the organization. Sarah Palin urged President Obama and his wife Michelle, to "repudiate" the allegation and "set the record straight". The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has passed a motion condemning the tea party movement – which is closely linked to the right wing of the Republican Party – for being racist. And that's a blatant lie!
It's the NAACP, and not the Tea Partiers, are the most despicable race baiters, racists and LIARS. That's why the Obamas are so enamored with them. They feel right at home. Our First lady needs to shut her ignorant trap and go work on her diet a while longer, and stop preaching to America, the America that she is "NOW" so proud of.

This is One giant leap backward for race relations . Thanks to the NAACP
I'm not a racist but I will not let anyone get away with calling me one. And I'm not afraid any more. Bring it on. I'm sick and tired of keeping my mouth shut.
Remember in November, it’s November or Never


  1. I've always preferred CORE and Roy Innis and his son. Much more level-headed.

  2. Having been a child of the 60's and remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, I can only think he is crying his eyes out. In 18 short months, this man and his cohorts have done more to destroy everything Dr. King gave his life for than anyone I have ever known. They have to keep the races divided in order to insure their agenda moves forward.