Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So here it is! Threatening to kill whites and their babies?

What a little punk you are Shabazz. Your filthy mouth, is like every other cowards in every city in America, a dime a dozen . What a wussy whiner. Real men are out working every day supporting families, fighting crime and fires, standing to protect America in Iraq and Afghanistan. You are like a little kid......poor me, poor me. Hate has eaten you from the inside out. Pitiful little man.

These folks are saying what Barry REALLY thinks! Such a coward to attack white babies. He and his group is weak and useless.. But feel empowered now that he has a man like Obama nd Eric Holder to take his back.
I wonder where Nancy Pelosi is when he's threatening to kill whites and their babies? Is he not a Domestic Terrorist?


  1. Why would anybody want to hurt babies—white, black, brown, purple, or green?

    Hello Debra. I just noticed that you became a follower of my blog. I'm honored that you would choose to do so. Stay "tooned" for more fun and exciting adventures. Thank you.

  2. Preach it!

    I just got done reading the STORM manifesto and the gist of their message is: How to get something you didn't earn.

    King Shamir thinks it's not fair that some people have more? Spend the same amount of energy working as you are spending whining and maybe you'll catch up!