Saturday, July 17, 2010

The NAACP attacks the Tea Party as being Racist!

Sarah Palin has attacked the civil-rights organization who has branded the American tea party movement as racist, a day after Michelle Obama delivered the keynote speech at the organization. Sarah Palin urged President Obama and his wife Michelle, to "repudiate" the allegation and "set the record straight". The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has passed a motion condemning the tea party movement – which is closely linked to the right wing of the Republican Party – for being racist. And that's a blatant lie!
It's the NAACP, and not the Tea Partiers, are the most despicable race baiters, racists and LIARS. That's why the Obamas are so enamored with them. They feel right at home. Our First lady needs to shut her ignorant trap and go work on her diet a while longer, and stop preaching to America, the America that she is "NOW" so proud of.

This is One giant leap backward for race relations . Thanks to the NAACP
I'm not a racist but I will not let anyone get away with calling me one. And I'm not afraid any more. Bring it on. I'm sick and tired of keeping my mouth shut.
Remember in November, it’s November or Never

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So here it is! Threatening to kill whites and their babies?

What a little punk you are Shabazz. Your filthy mouth, is like every other cowards in every city in America, a dime a dozen . What a wussy whiner. Real men are out working every day supporting families, fighting crime and fires, standing to protect America in Iraq and Afghanistan. You are like a little kid......poor me, poor me. Hate has eaten you from the inside out. Pitiful little man.

These folks are saying what Barry REALLY thinks! Such a coward to attack white babies. He and his group is weak and useless.. But feel empowered now that he has a man like Obama nd Eric Holder to take his back.
I wonder where Nancy Pelosi is when he's threatening to kill whites and their babies? Is he not a Domestic Terrorist?

Friday, July 9, 2010

The New Black Panthers and Barack Obama.

I fully expected that this president would undo decades of racial progress, because of his long association with an anti_white "church," and because of his and Michele's disdain for the basic character of America, and because of their clear agenda to turn it into a very different, weaker, less prosperous country. I knew they carried some racial resentment into the White House along with their Ivy League degrees.
While most of his opponents have focused on his ideology and actions, most of his supporters have been stirring up racial antagonism ever since someone first dared to question the credentials of B.Hussein. I knew that tactic would not end when B. Hussein proceeded to trash the country.
But I never expected to see the non existent answer to this Black Panther outrage from the Whitehouse. I guess it’s true that Eric Holder along with our First Family are what was said about them all along. I guess that is why I find the President, the Attorney General, the old Black Panther Party as specially the new one a repugnant bunch.
Worst of all is that many black Americans apparently see any opposition to B. Hussein as an attack on all black people, rather than on one individual. Many saw the election as a matter of racial payback (mostly for things done decades or generations ago, or for imaginary injuries), rather than racial healing. Some have expressed the idea, "now WE'RE in charge, nya, nya, nya"__and never mind that most of them are being hurt along with the rest of us by this atrocious government. It's all about race in some people's minds.
Although the Nation of Islam is threatening whites openly and directly, the media is ignoring the fact that Black racial "wilding" in the cities has returned full force. Obama made it perfectly clear in what little history he could not hide from the public that he is a Black Nationalist racist. His "church" preached black racism and has lose ties to the Nation of Islam. His books make clear he hates White people. He and his wifey were pumping their black power fists throughout the campaign. Whites think they are immune to diversity racism in power and that is a lie. They think the judicary branch will protect equal rights for all people regardless of race, and that is a lie. As Holder has made clear, civil rights are only for minorities _ not whites. Holder kicked off his rule by pointing out that Whites are cowards in the realm of race. We are and diversity racists count on that.
Clearly, Shabazz has issued a threat to Glenn Beck and his followers. Most of the Tea Party people are nice middle class folks with little, if any, experience in street fighting. Now it is up to the DC police to either protect Beck's rally from assault or allow gangs of thugs to terrorize innocent people. If there is state protected violence it will set the tone for many years to come and I can see no good coming from it.
I plan to attend the DC rally on the 28th. As always, I will be peaceful, and respectful. I plan to walk away from trouble because I do not want to lower myself to their level. Having said that I will be dammed if a group of rag tail racist’s thugs will stop me from going anywhere I want to be.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tea-Baggers don’t have to prove they are not racist, but Barack Hussein Obama has to prove he is a citizen.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The real reason the left love using the phrase "teabagger" to tea party folks

Admit it or not, but I know why the left is obsessed with the phrase "teabagger". It's slowly morphing into the "n-word" for white people. Lefties view it as insulting to white people. The lefties (yes, including white-guilt stricken white lefties) have tried for decades to find an equivalent word for white people that is as bad as the dreaded "n-word". Honkey, redneck, cracker, neocon, republican, bush lover, hick, etc, have all failed. Why? Well, most conservatives are too busy with family, working hard, being happy, etc, to let a stupid word offend us.

But some tea party folks are bothered by it. Why I don't know. Maybe annoyed because the left enjoys saying it so much, who knows. But the left is obsessed with it because they think "FINALLY" they have a word that they can throw that stings as much as the "n-word".

I just can't get enough of watching stunned libs faces after each small triumph the tea party has, slowly but surely, in our right-swinging political atmosphere. Most recently with Nikki Haley in SC.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering where the NAACP and the left is crying racism that a black "little guy" from SC is being intimidated by the political powers to give up his miracle win in senate primary. If he had an "R" instead of a "D" next to his name, the cries of racism would echoe past Iraq and India.