Sunday, June 27, 2010

To Be Brutally Honest

I will be honest. After the election I’ve been disappointed in black people. I know some may say this is racism, and maybe it is, but I never treat people differently on the individual basis. (I believe in a literal Genesis!) I just can’t seem to help having a general belief about black people supporting Barack Obama by default. I know this is wrong. These are thoughts I need to sort out, and be in control of.

Since, blacks normally highly favor Democrats there is also a high coincidental aspect, and therefore an immediate check in judgment of accusing black people of black supremacy, but it really seems that there is an extra fervor in their eyes and voices. And I can’t help but notice. I can’t imagine that their emulations for their own can ever, ever be conceived as rightness when taken in equal measure from a white person’s perspective. However, this is a cultural moment, and we have to appreciate that, and we have to be discerning.

I hope that that extra fervor is gratefulness for the equality and chance for opportunity in the land God gave this people, and that Barack represents this right feeling as a symbol. I hope that they realize that America is the least racist nation from this experience. I hope their fervor isn’t black supremacy, and in the meantime, I’d like the backbiting to stop, which accuses anyone of opposition of some form of bigotry. And I hope that blacks and other minorities realize that Barack’s vision for America is not what built this country

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