Saturday, June 12, 2010

For the first time in my adult life, I'm ashamed of my government.

Obama and his pack of socialists have never heard of individual responsibility. Like the leaders of the USSR, they are going to "protect" us from all risk, and make us all equal slaves of the state.

It looks like China will be more free than the USA, when the Obamas get through with us.
And these clowns that think they are so funny can't even see what's happening!!!!!

And Michelle Obama and her socialist ways are going to "protect" us from all risks, so that we won't become "victims" of the evil capitalist corporations who are making the Average American comrade eat crap,or drink too much alcohol, or even dare to smoke. I can still remember the good old days when Americans took responsibility for their own bodies,without any assistance from Comrade Michelle Obama.

And what with that UN-Presidential language "Kicking Ass"?
I wonder if he bows before kicking someone’s ass. Who the hell does Obama think the President of the United States is? He doesn't kick private citizens ass. If laws have been broken that's for the Justice system. Obama talks like he thinks he's dictator.

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  1. You speak my language… BHO is not a good president, no matter how you look at it! Skin color does not make or break an individual; however, (even in this day and age) it may or may not open doors of opportunity. I spent 31 years active duty in the US Army and let me tell you – everyone bled the same color when wounded – regardless of skin color. I have said all that to say that I do not assess BHO’s performance based upon skin color, I assess BHO’s performance upon the outcome of his policies and actions. He receives a failing grade because our nation is not better off; in fact, as BWU points out, we are worse off (by $Trillions) in just one short year.

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