Friday, September 3, 2010

Do You Feel the Panic?

Do you feel the panic? I do. Barack Obama promised to roll out “new ideas” to boost growth and spur hiring next week as he embarks on economy-focused trips with less than two months until congressional elections.

Armed with what he called “positive news” on the jobs front after the Labor Department reported yesterday that private payrolls climbed 67,000 in August, more than forecast, the president will travel to Wisconsin and Ohio to promote his economic policies, which Republicans argue are ineffective and have added to record budget deficits.

Unless some miracle happens and until the public becomes convinced the Obama policy is working and that the economy is improving measurably and that jobs are being created -- it doesn’t matter how many speeches the president gives promising to fix the economy, it just ain't gonna work.


  1. The ObamaNation has failed to deliver...anything. There are a few die-hard communists who hold out for hope and change from the Republic to something they prefer. There are quiet a few black people who like barack hussein obama because he's black and some Muslims who like him because he's a Muslim.

    Outside that, it's a failed presidency, a failed Congress, and people see that.

  2. It is hard to spin unemployment going UP to 9.6% as "good news"?

    They say most peoples minds are made up by June previous to any election in the Fall but his year that thought is out the window. As 11/2/2010 draws closer and the overall economic picture gets gloomier with each passing day MORE and MORE people are signing a different tune.

    I really think there is nothing now less than two months away from the mid-terms that can reverse this trend.

  3. Good points Deb. I have to agree with Christopher too. My fear though is that the Dem's will pull out every dirty trick they have and make an concerted effort to steal the election. Any way they can!!

  4. So true, we certainly need a miracle to boost the current economy.

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