Friday, August 27, 2010

NY's Mayor Bloomberg

Conservatives are called many names by the left and the uninformed. The favorites are "Nazi," "fascist," "racist," "bigot," "alarmist," "neo-con," "mysogonist," "homophobe" and the very latest, "Islamophobe": you name it, and we've been called it. But who the heck cares? I certainly don't. I can name call just as good and as often as the next one can.

If I want to smoke, drink, and eat myself to death it's no one else business. And if I want to salt myself to death it's no one else business either. The same goes for using fat and eating too much of whatever Michele Obama don't want me too eat. I don't want her to call me a Pig or anything else just because I love to eat things that she preaches not too. But she will eat anything her little heart or her fat behind wants her to.
I am a smoker. I smoke cigarettes, and yes, yes, I know. They are bad for me. They cause cancer, heart disease, and storms on Jupiter. Thanks for your concern, now mind your own business. It is my choice to do this, regardless of whether it is stupid or not.
The problem with the left is conformity, they live their life within a rigid social structure where no differing view or lifestyle choice is acceptable and they can't stand it that most Americans really do get to do whatever they want.


  1. Here Here! The Government should not be telling us what to do, nor should they be telling private business what to do.

    Right Truth

  2. So it is good to meet another conservative who seeks to live by the freedoms of the constitution and isn't afraid to speak out about it. You go girl. God bless and glad I found your blog. Feel free to visit me. God bless, Dr. Bobbi

  3. Love this post! You rock on, sister...oh, & Charles Krauthammer says what you've said exactly - in the way only Dr. K. can. Just posted it on my blog if you want to take a look (or find him @ Wash. Post).

    Looking forward to reading more here. btw, thanks for the follow!

  4. Thank you Susannah and everyone else.
    And God Bless you INSIDE THE SHRINK.
    Debbie, you are right; the Government should not be telling us what to do, nor should they be telling private business what to do.