Sunday, May 23, 2010

Oil spill, Oil Leak, who the hell cares, JUST GET IT FIXED!

Its true that accidents will happen, just like the election results of 2008.

These people truly believe we are all stupid and this president is going to put together a 'panel of experts' to tell us what already has happened.


  1. Forest Obama will take care of you ...

  2. I have add and apologize for following you. Welcome to the dark side. It's all about rants and fun, isn't it. Great start here ... have fun with it !

  3. Such a Debbie Downer. Upset that the nany state isn't getting involved?

    Odd, I would expect a Bagger to defer to the genius of the "free market"(LMAO) and private enterprise to deal with this.

  4. Ducky now I know it's true. Liberalism IS a mental disorder.