Friday, May 21, 2010

El Presidente Felipe Calderón

First let me start my rant with the bloated congress allowing this ingrate to bloviate on the floor of the congress.
Y’know, there’s nothing like being chastised by the president of a parasitical border nation whose trespassing citizens are wreaking havoc on our soil. Mexico’s Presidente Felipe Calderón carping about our country’s laws on our turf this past week in D.C. is like a fat tick complaining about the dog he’s sucking the life out of. Hey Felipe, haven’t you ever heard the maxim “beggars can’t be choosers”? The reason that Calderon could do this is because we have a 'hate America' in the oval and idiots in the Congress. And Congress stands to applaud the president of a country who cannot keep his own population fed or home, after he criticizes a law, which while under the letterhead of the state of AZ, is language Congress itself passed into federal statute far out can we throw the bums,,,?Congress is apparently as illiterate as Holder and the lil' Kenyan lookin' fella
I would have loved for this to have happened when Truman or Reagan was in office! Truman would have cursed him all the way to the border! Reagan would have said, Finish that WALL!


  1. I remember a time a few years a ago when another two bit dictator came here and cursed Bush. Even the democrats ojected saying that they may disagree with him but he's our president and you don't come to our home and disrespect us. Now the dems diss us in the Peole's House every chance they get. There is a storm coming. Thanks for stopping by my site. You're always welcome!

  2. I'll have to return when you're really fired up !